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Laser F/X International was founded in 1976 by L. Michael Roberts who was attracted to the ethereal beauty and vivid colours produced by lasers.  Laser F/X is located in Hamilton Ontario which is about half way between Toronto and Niagara falls.
Starting out with an argon laser and some open loop scanners, we provided services for rock bands, special events and corporate theatre. The laser systems have been continuously improved with the incorporation of new technology as it became available. This technology and artistic talent has allowed Laser F/X to score an impressive number of firsts:

  • The first Canadian laser display company

  • First Canadian laser company to tour with major rock acts

  • First laserists to perform for Queen Elizabeth II

  • First with animated laser graphics in Canada

  • Originators of the Laser Dance Party

  • First Canadian laser company and laserist to win ILDA awards

Laser F/X is the pioneering laser display company in Canada with a 26 year record of providing exciting shows to our clients. We are very proud of originating the Laser Dance Party and have given thousands of performances internationally. We now not only provide lasers, but also design and choreograph the lighting at raves and dance parties, and provide production management services for these events.
Our laserists know and enjoy Electronika and Dance music... combine this with 26 years of experience with lasers, award winning animations, lighting and visual effects... and you have the perfect people to produce stunning visuals at your party!

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E-Mail: This is probably the best way to reach us.... we get a flood of mail so we answer things in priority order....
Due to the popularity of our site, we receive a torrent of spam from the robots that trawl the net harvesting E-mail addresses. We have thus chosen to "munge" our E-mail address so that it is human readable but not machine readable. Please remove the <at> portion and replace it with an @; and the <dot> potion with a . to E-mail us [as shown in the graphic below].


We apologize for any inconvenience but we hope you understand that we would rather devote out time to answering legitimate mail not fighting spam!

Phone: You can reach us a 905-523-7669  The best time to call is between 19:00 and Midnight EDT.

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We are happy to present educational seminars on lasers and laser show technology for high school, college and university students as well as science or computer groups/clubs.

Our presentation covers the fundamentals of how lasers work, how the scanning system works and also the other technologies involved in entertainment laser systems including the basics of the computer software and principles of digital to analogue signal processing.
The presentation is usually in a lively lecture format with drawings on the board or a flip chart.  Participants are encouraged to ask questions.  We bring a DPSS laser projection system and controller with us and demonstrate how it works by projecting graphics and animations.  A limited number of participants may be able to try their hand at drawing images with the laser.  The combination of topics covered generates a lot of interest amongst students as it shows a "sexy" real-world application of physics and technology to an artistic endeavor.
Due to the complex technical nature of the subjects covered, we do not recommend our seminar for people under 14.  For college and university groups, we can cover additional areas such as advanced optics used in laser entertainment systems and the basics of solid state lasers.
We provide these educational seminars free of charge based on our availability.  While there is no charge for the seminar, there may be a charge for transportation and meal costs depending on your location - please inquire.

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L. Michael Roberts

Michael Roberts is the pioneer of laser displays in Canada performing dazzling shows for over 26 years. He was the first to combine a high-tech laser show with dance lighting, sound system and DJ thus originating the Laser Dance Party.
Michael also produced many of the early all-night Dances at the Masonic Temple on Young street in the '80s. These parties combined the most sophisticated sound, lighting, video and laser systems available and were the forerunners of today's Raves.
Michael is a talented laser artist/animator who originated laser clip-art and has won multiple awards for his laser animations and shows.

L. Michael Roberts L. Michael Roberts

When he is not performing at Raves and Parties, Michael is an artist, animator, editor and writer who has been published in The Laserist, Photonics Spectra, Laser Talk, Laser Effects, and other industry publications. He is also the webmaster of the world's largest and most popular general information web-site for laser shows and laserists, He is the author of 'Laser F/X: The Light Show Handbook' which has been called "The Bible of the industry".
Michael acts as manufacturers representative, consultant and product designer for laser and laser entertainment system manufacturers in North America, Europe and Asia.  Some of the products and equipment in use today by laser companies world-wide are based on his designs.

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As an innovator in the field of laser show art and technology, Laser F/X has won international recognition for it's outstanding visuals. Here are a few of our many awards...

ILDA award

Pangolin Prize 3rd

Special Olympics

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When you need a thrilling visual experience, call Laser F/X


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