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Now that you have decided to add the excitement of a Laser F/X performance to your show (or are considering it), here is some important information that you will need:



In order to be fair to all of the people who wish to book our show, we have certain policies regarding show bookings as follows:

  • We prefer to do bookings via E-mail so we have all the necessary information on file, and so that we can respond promptly when we are away from home.

  • We book our performances on a first-come, first-served basis.  We recommend booking at least 60-90 days in advance, especially for popular dates so as to be sure that we will be able to perform at your event.

  • We do accept Last Minute Bookings at reduced rates subject to being available for the event.  A last minute booking is considered to be a show booked 7 days or less before the performance date.

  • You may book a show on a "tentative" basis.  There is no cost or obligation but a tentative booking only gives you the "right of first refusal" on that date.  If another client requests that date, then we will contact you and you usually have 24-48 hours in which to confirm or decline the date so that we can make it available to others.

  • We rarely accept bookings more then 6 months in advance.  This is to allow us the flexibility of arranging tours so we will not have to return to Canada in the middle of a tour to perform domestic shows.

  • If you are a new or out of town client, we may require you to pay a deposit with the booking.  Deposits are non-refundable if the show is cancelled or postponed due to circumstances beyond our control as we could have performed at another show if yours is cancelled or postponed.  Returning clients may be required to pay a deposit depending on the show requirements.

  • If your show is postponed or cancelled, you may reschedule if we will be available on your alternative date.  Postponed and re-scheduled shows may be subject to additional fees.

  • Due to draconian regulations and paperwork in the USA, and the limits placed on our artistic expression by those regulations, we do not offer our show services in the USA or it's territories.  Our show is available in any other country worldwide with certain restrictions.



Our rates are very reasonable and are the lowest in the industry due to the compact and advanced technology we use in our shows.  Here are some guidelines on our rates which are subject to change, and which may have to be adjusted to suit the circumstances of your event.

Our rates are divided into two areas:

  • Performance fee which covers the cost of the equipment and services provided.

  • Expenses which cover such items as custom programming, transportation, accommodation, meals, etc.



Our rate for the standard show system with SpecScanDPSS-Pro projector, solid-state laser, controllers, hazer and support equipment are shown below.  Rates for other systems or types of shows must be quoted on a show-by-show basis - please inquire.

Applies to non-holiday bookings of one night shows


Sunday - Thursday

$ 550.00/show plus expenses (4)

Fridays $ 650.00/show plus expenses (4)


$ 750.00/show plus expenses (4)


Sunday - Thursday $ 500.00/show plus expenses (4)
Fridays $ 600.00/show plus expenses (4)
Saturdays $ 700.00/show plus expenses (4)


Sunday - Thursday $ 400.00/show plus expenses (4)
Friday - Saturday $ 500.00/show plus expenses (4)

Discounted rates apply to "Last Minute Bookings" made 7 days or les before the event [subject to availability] - please inquire.


1/  The regular rates shown here apply to non-holiday bookings.  Premiums may apply for holiday shows such as New Years Eve, Valentines, Easter, Canada Day, Halloween, etc.  Please inquire for details.
    Additional show days in the same location are charged for at 50% of the first show's rates depending on how much set-up and tear down is required between performances and the security arrangements at the venue - please inquire for details.
    Prices shown are in Canadian dollars for shows within Canada and in US$ for shows outside of Canada.

2/  New clients are those clients booking us for the first time.  The higher rate reflects administrative costs and a fee for programming your logo into our system.   Once we have your logo programmed, we keep it on-file for future events and you are considered to be a returning client.

3/  Returning clients are those who have booked us for at least one performance before.  We will have your information and logo on file for your show.

4/  Expenses cover such items as custom programming, transportation, accommodation, meals and per-diem as required and are charged for at cost.  See the expenses section below for more details.

5/  The special School/College rate is available for shows where the amount of laser coverage is limited to 3 hours of show time.  Topically this is from 20:30 to 23:30 in schools or from 23:00 to 02:00 at College/University events that are licensed [hours can be adjusted to suit your needs and party schedule].


Splitting Expenses

While our rates are the most affordable in the industry, they my still be out of reach for some smaller events, especially where air-travel is involved.  In this case, we recommend that promoters seek a Friday of Sunday night club date, in conjunction with the Saturday night main event.  This way, the cost of the expenses are split between the two venues making the overall cost per venue lower.


Charity/fundraiser events

We like to give back to the community however we are constantly approached to do charitable shows.  We can only accept a limited number of bookings for these kinds of events.  Our standard policy is to charge 50% of our usual performance fee plus expenses at cost for events that benefit a registered charity.

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Expenses cover such items as custom programming and out-of-pocket costs for transportation, accommodation, meals, etc.  They are charged for at cost and are generally paid for direct to the vendor except where we are providing the service and pay for it ourselves.



We can provide custom programming [over and above your production company logo] such as laser versions of flyer artwork, sponsor logos and animations.  Rates vary depending on the amount of artwork, digitizing and programming required - please inquire.



For shows that we are driving to and transporting all of the equipment in our van, transportation charges are as follows:

  • Within 100 km radius of Hamilton, Ontario - No charge

  • More that 100 Km distant from Hamilton, Ontario - $25.00/100 Km measured in one direction.  Rates may be subject to change in the event of drastic fuel price hikes but are never changed once an agreement has been reached.  Example rates for some cities would be:

    • Kingston [300 Km X $25/100 Km =] $75.00

    • Ottawa [500 Km X $25/100 Km =] $ 125.00

    • Montreal [600 Km X $25/100 Km =] $150.00


For shows that we are flying to, we charge for the plane ticket at cost.  Our travel agent in Ottawa is well trained and always finds us the best deals.  She accepts bank transfers, money orders or credit cards [via her 800 number or fax] in payment.
We usually travel via Air Canada or Tango as they offer the most generous checked baggage allowances.  We can travel by WestJet within Canada however, their baggage allowance is low and their excess baggage rates are high.  Often the combined cost of the ticket and baggage on WestJet is about the same as Tango.
When flying, the system is packed into three cases [Projector and laser, controller and docking station, and gym bag with personal effects].  Excess baggage charges may apply at the whim of the airlines depending on how full the flight is.

It is our policy to fly out the day before the show [Friday afternoon/evening for a Saturday show].  While this increases accommodation costs slightly, we have found that due to flight cancellations/delays and severe weather conditions, it is best to arrive early rather than disappoint your audience when the unexpected happens.
Flying out the day before the show also allows us to rest and acclimate to the local time zone as well as be available for media interviews or promotional events the afternoon/evening before the show.
We generally fly back late Sunday afternoon or Monday morning depending on your show schedule.

When flying to the show, it is usually uneconomical to check the MDG hazer as the fourth piece of baggage due to it's size and weight.  We can ship this out to your event in Canada via FedEx or UPS ground in advance at-cost.  You are responsible for return shipping the equipment after the show.  There is no additional charge for the hazer other than shipping at cost.

When flying to the show, you must provide [or pay for] ground transportation to/from the airport, the hotel and between the hotel and the show venue at the destination as required.
You will also be required to pay [at cost] for transportation to/from Toronto International Airport or for parking our vehicle at the airport [whichever costs less].



We will require accommodation for any shows that involve more than a total of 8 hours of driving and 8 hours on site at the venue in one 24 hour day; or for any shows where we fly to the event.
Accommodation need not be a 5 star hotel [although we are always happy to stay in such hotels], it can be a budget priced hotel/motel as long as it is clean and quiet as our main need is for sleep and showering.  If possible, the accommodations should be located within a short walk of the show venue.
You are responsible for arranging the hotel/motel in advance and for paying the hotel/motel directly unless other arrangements are made in advance.



You are responsible for providing meals at or before the show if we will be on-site for 8 or more hours.  You may also have to provide meals during the time we are traveling to and from the event.  We can arrange this in advance and can add the cost of meals to the per-diem if that is more convenient to you.
For shows where we are flying to the event, you must provide all meals at the destination and non-alcoholic refreshments such as cold water or fruit juice while we are on-site at the venue and during the performance.



We charge a Per-diem fee which is designed to cover minor out-of-pocket expenses while we are working for you.  Our standard per-diem is $ 20.00 for each day or part thereof we are away from home working on your event.  Per-diem does not apply to shows that are within a 100 Km drive of Hamilton, Ontario unless exceptionally long hours are involved,
In some cases the per-diem fee may be higher if we have to cover the costs of meals while we are on the road to/from your event.



It would be extremely helpful to us to have internet access on shows we fly to so we can check E-mail.  If you can not provide this conveniently, just lest us know the location of the nearest Internet Cafe or public access terminals and we can do E-mail from there.

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If we require a deposit, then it must be paid in advance by the due date or your booking will be cancelled and deposit returned.  In some cases, we may require advance payment of some expenses - we will arrange this with you in advance.
Acceptable forms of payment for deposit/advance expenses are Western Union, bank transfer or deposit to our account, money order or bank draft sent via "signature required" service [FedEx, UPS or express mail].

The balance of the performance fee [and any expenses paid directly to us] is due and payable at the venue after the system has been set-up and demonstrated.  We will not commence the laser show until we have been paid in full or suitable arrangements have been made.
Acceptable forms of payment at the show are cash; or with advance arrangements, certified company cheque or bank draft/money order.  We do not accept any other forms of payment on-site at the moment.

If we are prevented from performing the show due to circumstances beyond our control, such as strikes, fire, flood, extreme weather conditions, flight cancellations, power failure, show cancellation or judicial interference, we still get paid in full if we have commenced travel to the event or are already on-site.

We usually require a performance agreement which can be concluded via E-mail or fax.  We usually operate on an informal basis with returning clients who have a good track record.

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For the best results, the laser system should be set-up immediately behind the DJ where a low stage is in use, or in front of the DJ table when a high stage is in use.  In either case, we must arrange the laser so that static beams will be at least 3 meters above the dance floor to comply with safety regulations.
The laser system is very compact and remote controlled so it generally does not requite access during the performance.  In some cases, we may be able to "fly" the laser system from the lighting truss if a proper trussing system is provided.  We can consult with your sound and lighting provider in advance to arrange this.
Safety regulations require that the laserists be able to see the beam paths through the venue at all times.  Typically we operate the system from the side of the stage next to the DJ.  If the stage is not large enough to accommodate the laser control position, then a separate riser or staging must be provided such that we can see over the heads of the audience while standing on the stage/riser in order to comply with safety regulations.

In order to present the best visual experience for your show, we need to be in control of the dance lighting so that we can choreograph the lighting and laser together for maximum effect.  We are familiar with a wide variety of lighting controllers and fixtures so we can operate almost any system.
You will have to arrange with your lighting provider to place the lighting console or controller at the laser control position.  If the lighting provider insists that their personnel must operate the lighting controls, then that person and the controls must be located next to the laser control position so we can communicate with them directly.   For maximum impact, we can work with your lighting provider to program some of our unique lighting effects into the system before the show time permitting.

Even though our system is very compact, we usually require assistance to load the equipment into and out of the venue.  This usually requires about 15 minutes from a couple of helpers when we arrive, and again after we have packed the equipment at the end of the event.
When driving, we try to bring our own helper although one is not always available or we may not bring a helper to keep costs to you down [especially where overnight accommodation is involved].  We may also recruit a local through the net to assist us in return for a free pass to the show/party.

When we drive to the show, we are generally quite self sufficient and usually only require a place on stage for the laser scaffolding or tower and a small table for our control system.

When flying to the show, we need to cut down the amount of equipment in order to have the most compact system as checked baggage.  We will need you to provide such items as:

  • AC extension cords to bring power to the laser projection system and the laser control position.

  • Scaffolding, tower or professional trussing to mount the laser system.

  • A proper professional hazer [such as an MDG or DF50] with remote control if we are not providing our own MDG hazer.  Please discuss this with us in advance as the proper haze is crucial to the performance.  Typical water based smoke machines are not acceptable due to their large particulate size and short "hang time" although they can be used in conjunction with a hazer.

  • A sheet, scrim or other screen/surface for graphics and animations projections.

  • A small table for the laser control system.

We can discuss these staging requirement with you in advance and provide you with a detailed list of our requirements.

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