Laser F/X using a Spectronika laser at a party for 15,000 people
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Def Star Productions Presents 

Ascension 2000
April 1.2000 - Northlands Sportex, Edmonton

Party Pictures!

Held in the massive Northlands Sportex building on the Edmonton exhibition grounds on April first... this Def Star Productions party pulled together a truly awesome all-star cast of DJs - no April fooling! Legendary DJ Paul Oakenfold topped the list along with the likes of Dave Ralph, Max Graham, Cary Chang, Terry Tran and more....
This show was also the western Canadian debuit of our Copper Vapor lasers system that produces high powered emerald green and gold laser beams!

Panoramic view of the crowd going nuts with Oakie on the decks and CV laser beams overhead
Click on the picture or
HERE to see the full size image

CV laser overhead with colour laser system below

Gold laser beams from the CV laser!

Three images of Oakenfold behind the decks!

Long shot of the party taken from the top of the CV laser scaffolding.


Long view of the party with visuals and lasers in full effect! - Photo courtesy of Def Star

The CV laser creates a massive overhead fan of beams
- Photo courtesy of Def Star

Laser graphics on the screen to the left with CV beams in the air
- Photo courtesy of Def Star


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