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In the beginning, there was an Om. It is the sound of the universe which gave life to all that surrounds us and binds us to our mother earth. With the start of the new millennium our voices have begun to unite, offering new ideas and directions on changing our quality of life. Through this common vision we gain better understanding of ourselves and of our purpose. Om removes the barriers of ego and exposes a person's inner most being to the vibration of a higher reality. This summer we will dance, sing and explore together under the stars in a celebration of life and unity.

The OM Festival is not your average rave! The event aimed to bring together many different collectives within the Toronto rave community in a celebration of the solstice and a display of united growth. The focus of OM, from the beginning, has been to create a gathering that moves beyond the party toward the potential of youth empowerment. The collective produces this 3 day outdoor music festival by relying on volunteers to help out where needed.
The result is plainly visible in a very different vibe then found in most commercial events. At OM, people were friendly and helpful with everyone pitching in to do things that make the event a success. There is an emphasis on ecology and respect for the land so the site is often cleaner after the festival than it was before the set-up began!
We decided to participate by providing our laser show at the sum kids stage. Technical and schedule problems prevented us from attending all 3 days of the event. We had so much fun though that we intend to be there for all 3 days next time!
One of the marked differences was the opening event on Saturday night. As the sky began to darken, participants were invited to join in holding hands to form a giant circle. There was a short invocation and then the whole crowd chanted OM bringing a sense of peace and serenity to the venue before the serious partying started. As the circle broke for the beginning of the festivities, fireworks shot into the darkening sky as the music began to play from the stages scattered around the site.

The line-up of talent is so extensive that we have copied the OM page with the DJ and live performances listings which is available HERE.

We were also fortunate to meet up with a number of people from alt.rave and flux.rave whom we have "known" on-line for some time but never had the chance to see in person. It was great to put faces to names and finally meet some of these remarkable people. After performing the laser show from dusk till dawn at the sum kids stage, we wandered around and took pictures of the event.
Here are the pictures with some commentary. Njoy and see you next year at OM 2001!

Kind Kitchen encourages participants to donate food items. The team of volunteers then runs the kitchen cooking up numerous vegetarian delights from the donated food continuously during the festival. To the right of the picture above you can see a massive wok that contained a healthy and spicy stew of kale, black beans, barley, onions and lentils - delicious :) One need never go hungry at OM!


As an outdoor event, camping is one of the main attractions. It was interesting to note that even at the height of the party on Saturday night, there were many people still in the camping areas just chilling by the fire and enjoying themselves with friends while the dance music could be heard in the background.

One of the stages in the woods. While we were there they featured a live drummer seamlessly overlaid onto the dance music!

The predawn village stage featured some great trance music... and a spot to chill out by the fire while listening.

The Intergalactic faerie funk stage was shaped like a giant mushroom!

The ambient stage was set up on the back of a truck close to the lake

DJ's spinning after the rain on Sunday afternoon at the sum kids stage

The tea room overlooking the sum kids stage where one could relax and enjoy a herbal tea



One of the things that makes OM noticeably different from other parties is an emphasis on art. Click here to visit the Artworks at OM page.


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