Laser F/X using a Spectronika laser at a party for 15,000 people
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Big Kidz Productions Presents

Feb 05.2000 - Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada - 20:00 - 08:00

Photo by Julez

DJ Line-up:

  • Main Room:
    Chris C - London UK [Hard house - nuNRG]
    Madam Zu - Cornwall UK [Trance - Hard Trance/Acid Trance/Techno]
    Jon Doe [Trance - nuNRG]
    S.O.S - Vancouver [the most amazing Trance *also now a BIG KIDZ resident* ]
    Grimace - [Hardcore/Trancecore]
    'justrich' - [Happy Hardcore]
    DJ MARY - [Hard trance/Acid Trance]
    Harry Chan - [Hard House]

  • Second room:
    phosphor VS phrawzty [Happy trance core PA]
    KGB [Hardcore/Rotterdam]
    Shawn Sommers [Hard house/tech house]
    Jr. Ragoo [Uplifting Trance]
    Balboa - LIVE PA [techno/tech house, acid breaks]
    Lomax [Hard house/ Hard bag]
    Bambz [Garage/House]
    divide by 2 [ACID trance/techno]
    Rabid [progressive TRANCE]
    lunar VS DIZZ VS Freaky_Alien - in a 6 table TRANCE tag team!

A converted curling rink that was once a church and is now a banquet hall was the venue for The Side Show presented by Big Kidz Productions. Billed by the Winnipeg Sun in a page two article as "Winnipeg's biggest rave ever" it did not disappoint. The space was decorated with tightrope walkers suspended over the crowd, clown artwork, balloons, circus props and a bouncy castle. A live clown making balloon animals wandered through the crowd, while a magician performed intermittently on a stage at the other end of the room. People brought blankets and "made camp" at the edge of the room so there were no people sitting around on the dance floor :)
DJ John Doe from the UK played a popular trancy set while Madam Zu and SOS played wikked sets. DJ Mary from Winnipeg was the local fave. Excellent vibe despite there being line-up problems that got some people in late.
Special thanks to Julez who shot some excellent pictures of the laser show. Thanks to Dave who helped us out with the laser set-up. Props to promoter Ryan who had all our logistics taken care of when we arrived... threw a great Pre Party and put on a show like Winnipeg has never seen before.

We took lots of pictures as usual! Below are links to pages with more photos - njoy! P.L.U.R.


General images of the pre party held at The Horseshoe, etc... This page has 10 pics so could take a while to download...


Images of the Crew, DJs, Staff, etc... This page has 14 pics on it so may take quite a long time to download...


Images of the party and the people at the party..... This page with 12 pics will take a while to download....

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