Laser F/X using a Spectronika laser at a party for 15,000 people
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 G House Productions Presents

Party Pictures!

High in the clean crisp air of the mountains just outside Vancouver lies Hemlock resort nestled in a bowl of crisp, white, show covered slopes - the Site of Winter Love. Beautiful sunshine and warm temperatures greeted us we we arrived on the powder covered slopes for the set-up. A huge crew was busy erecting the stage, hanging lights, running cables, moving TV cameras into position and preparing for the massive party.

This was an unusual event as it combined all night snowboarding, a Big Air snowboard contest taped for showing on TSN, fireworks, lasers, and an electronic music festival featuring a live PA by Union Jack (UK), Mark Lewis (UK/LA), David Alvarado (LA), Nikky Milago (Edmonton), locals D'oh Boy and Cliffe Vermette and more.

Crew setting up the stage for the party

Visual crew loads a sled with projectors

Outside [above] and inside views of the "TV studio on wheels" used to tape the Big Air contest

Moving the gear via Snow Cat from the trucks to the stage

Happy Promoters!

TSN Shoots an intro sequence on the deck of the lodge.

Uphill and downhill views of the "big air" contest area.

Ian aligning the generator powered, copper vapor laser system on the top of the mountain.

The party in full effect.

G House crew gives away snowboards from the stage......

... while the crowd goes nuts! Then on to the live PA!!

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