Laser F/X using a Spectronika laser at a party for 15,000 people
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ExtraTerrestrial Brothers Productions Presents

JAN 22.2000 - Vancouver B.C., Canada - 22:30 to 08:00

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DJ Line-up:

  • Sharp Boys, U.K.
    Mac Zimms, Netherlands
    Cziolek, Edmonton
    Danny V
    Eric Lewis
    Gary Paul

Frostee III was held in the Plaza of Nations building on the old Expo site in Vancouver, right on the water. This block long, glass walled, building had an excellent view of false creak and the Science World sphere reflecting from the water around it. A beautiful but cavernous spot for a rave. The concessions were well done and moderately priced and a "bouncy castle" on the balcony overlooking the main dance floor proved to be a popular attraction!
This was a tough show for us. We discovered during the set-up that the shipping company had dropped our Copper Vapour laser smashing the tube. At about 3 in the morning both lasers in the colour system cut out. On investigation we discovered that some idiot was tying knots in the laser drain hose which hung over a fence outside the building in an effort to climb up the hose and crash the party. We were soon back up and running however our red laser would not re-start. To all the Vancouver peeps and alt.ravers who came expecting to see the best lasers ever, we apologise. Sometimes these things happen and there is just nothing we [or the ET Bros] can do about it :( We will be back later this year with the full show to once again dazzle Vancouver!
Despite these problems, we got good reviews of our show from the members of LoungeX. Some samples [edited for G ratings]:

flavabomb wrote "VISUALS---> Always luv tha lazer!!! Frostee was the sh!t..."
Slither wrote "Cool light show, was always coordinated with the tracks pretty nicely."
Seven wrote " I can't say enough bout that laser."
pUpiEhEAD wrote "The laser was f$#kin wicked!!!!!!!! Woohoo!!!!"
Invictus wrote "VISUALLY:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Holy sh!t. Mr.Frosty with a strobe light inside, interactive vending village, bouncey castle, lasers *yums* and what a fuk!ng lightshow. Fuk me! Visually stunning.. the only thing I missed was the absence of projections."
LARziLLA wrote "Light and effects were awesome. Gotta love the's multi-dimensional. Does lot of trippy stuff."

The music in the main room was great with the Sharp Boys, Mac Zimms and Cziolek playing sets that had the crowds in orbit! In the second room, Deko-Ze was the most popular DJ of the night. The giant 40 ft tall snowman with internal strobe light smiled out from behind the DJs over the dance floor... people chilled on the balcony or in the tented smoking area outside. The crowd was most enthusiastic cheering their fave mixes and dancing up a storm! Major props to to the ET Bros, Mike & Mike, for another well produced show!

We took lots of pictures as usual! Below are links to pages with more photos - njoy! P.L.U.R.


General images of the party, etc...

Party Pix


Images of the Crew, DJs, Staff, Partygoersd, etc... This page has 16 pix on it so may take a while to download...

Crew & People Pix

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